A Family Guide to Fun in the Sun
There's nothing cool about painful sunburns, early wrinkles or an increased risk of skin cancer. And yet that's just what too much UV exposure can bring.
Finding and accessing your medical record has never been easier.
With MyChart®, accessing your CVMC, Renown, or Barton Health medical record - and contacting your healthcare team - is just a click away.
How to keep your kidneys going strong
Imagine sifting through about 30 gallons of blood every day. That's the dirty work that your kidneys do.
Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa
Show your heart some love tonight - treat it to this tasty and heart-healthy Grilled Salmon With Avocado Salsa
Should they stay or should they go? When to talk to your loved one about assisted living.
Your mom still lives in the house where you grew up. It's filled with memories of family and friends. You know your mom loves that house. But today she said something you've never heard her say before.
The Great American Smokeout - It's a great day to become a quitter
If you smoke, find your calendar and draw a big red circle around Nov. 17.
Make the cut - 10 ways to shave 100 calories a day
If the mere idea of trying to lose weight fills you with dread, think of this number: 100.
Be Prepared for Old Man Winter
Over the past several years, old man winter has only made a brief stop in Carson Valley. Hence, some of us might have forgotten some crucial preparations that should be done before a true winter season is upon us.
Pneumonia: Who needs the shot?
Do you know if you or a loved one is at high risk of pneumonia? Read on...
Got GERD? Get relief.
A meal should be followed by a feeling of well-being—not a nasty feeling of fluid in the back of the mouth that burns.
Say goodbye to spider veins.
Nearly 55% of women in the US suffer from some sort of vein problem. Spider veins, tiny red to purple veins that usually appear in the legs and ankles, can be more than just a nuisance. For those who wish these pesky veins would just go away, there are medical treatment options available.
Kids and Medicine | Measure Up a Safe Dose
When your little one is sick, you naturally want to help him or her feel better—which may mean dispensing a dose of medicine (along with some hugs).
Seasonal Affective Disorder - Less Light Can Mean Darker Moods
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) usually develops between the ages of 18 and 30. Women are affected at about three times the rate of men.
A DIY Guide - For Your Health
There's no denying how popular DIY projects are today. But what about health screenings that can alert us to possible health problems? Can we tackle some of those ourselves too?
Who is your family doctor?
If you're looking for a doctor who can take care of your entire family—from your children to your aging parents—then you just might want a type of doctor whose specialty name says it all: family doctor.
10 Ways to Bring Back the Joy
If you sometimes feel like your life is one downpour after another, it's time to find some joy.
Mosquito Management 101
Steer clear of mosquitos - 4 tips for stopping those pesky bites.
Black Bean "Confetti" Salad
Use staples from your kitchen cabinet to make this great recipe for any spring or summer party. Taste-tested and approved by Carson Valley Medical Center's Food and Nutrition Services department!
Four Steps to Better Joint Health
Keep your joints healthy and free of diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis - Read these four tips
Southwestern Beef Roll-Ups
It's time to recharge - and we've found a tasty, pack-for-work snack that will get you through your mid-day slump without piling on the calories:
Could it be asthma? How to spot the symptoms.
People with asthma—both young and old—can lead normal, active lives. The key to doing so is spotting the disease early and learning how to manage it.
Turkey Club Burger
Looking for a filling, high protein, low calorie meal? Try this turkey club burger that packs in 29 grams of protein and only 299 calories:
Driving With Diabetes: Take This Quiz
How much do you know about driving when you have diabetes? You may want to pass this test before you pull into traffic.
Travel Season is Upon Us: Are you prepared for your best vacation ever?
Spring is officially upon us, and so comes the beginning of travel season.
Infusion Therapy | When a pill just doesn't do the trick
When oral medication is not an option, infusion therapy may be the answer.
Help your medication work for you | 4 RX mistakes to avoid
Are you doing the right things to help your medicines work for you? Read on to see if you could be making risky mistakes without even realizing it.
Get Ready for Grandkids
'Tis the season for family and entertaining. Along with that comes the season of cleaning and decorating, and creating the perfect place for your houseguests. But have you considered your smaller guests? Don't forget those around-the-house preparations to ensure the safety of your most special houseguests - your grandchildren.
Tips for Avoiding the Emergency Room This Thanksgiving
While our ER staff are always eager to help anyone who walks in our doors, they might be the last people you would want to spend your Thanksgiving with. Read on for some comical, yet very common and serious holiday injuries that land many a celebrator in the Emergency Room.
Fight Back | Don't Let Excuses Knock You Off the Exercise Track
You know you feel better when you're exercising regularly, so what's getting in the way these days? Fight back the exercise excuses with these simple tips.
Using Antibiotics Properly
With flu season upon us it is common for misconceptions to arise about antibiotics. Read on to learn under what circumstances antibiotics are beneficial to your health.
Cancer Society Issues New Mammography Guidelines
In the first update to the ACS mammography guidelines since 2003, major shifts are taking place in the recommended best practices for women.
Simple Things Help Make Healthy Aging Possible
There’s no question that age brings changes to our lives. And yes, some of them we’d prefer to avoid.
Recipe for Cancer Free Living
“We often think solely of medications as cures to our ailments,” says Registered Dietician Renie Tharp. “However, we should be considering what really influences every cell in our body, and that is food.”
Mammograms: What You Need To Know
October is the month of falling leaves, hues of yellow and orange, and pink. As healthcare organizations throughout the nation promote breast cancer awareness and scheduling that mammogram appointment, it is important for patients to be in the know.