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I will say I experienced the best team of doctors and nurses from the ER to my stay in the hospital. I've had a lot of medical problems and been to several hospitals and I've never experienced such a knowledgeable, kind, caring, compassionate medical team. I appreciate every single person whom I was blessed to have care for me all the way down to the kitchen staff. Y'all will always be appreciated and remembered. 
Teresa S.

The staff here and Carson Valley Medical Center are absolutely phenomenal. My mother has unfortunately been in here for the last week but I will say the staff here has made us feel welcome and tried to ensure not only my mother's comfort but mine, and the guests visiting as well. 
Matthew J.

I want to thank all of the staff of Carson Valley Medical Center for being wonderful people. They have done a wonderful job taking care of my dad this past week. Great people, excellent treatment. The best!!

Richard B.

My wife had to go to the emergency room for back and abdominal pains late in the evening. From the moment we walked in, we received nothing but the best service and care. We found she needed her gall bladder removed and was checked into the hospital. Every staff member, including the maintenance and cleaning crew were nice and made sure to help with anything. I only wish I had taken down the names to thank everyone personally. All of the operating staff were exceptional and showed they cared … You made a wonderful experience out of a not so pleasant event. 
Sheldon G.

I arrived at the ER with chest pain and from that moment I was taken care of with kindness and compassion. The staff immediately attended to me as if I was a part of their family. In the ER multiple test were taken and determined that I should be moved to inpatient upstairs. The care upstairs was the best I have ever received and I have had multiple visits in various hospitals. They not only made my stay as comfortable as can be but made sure that my wife was taken care of too. The explained my conditions so that I understood what was going on. They asked me question and asked my opinion, thoughts and concerns. I never felt that I was in the dark on anything going on and in a scary time it made me and my wife feel comfortable in knowing I was going to get better. I want to take the time to thank the people that went above and beyond in my care ... You all are the definition of compassion. Sincerely,
Wayne S.

One month ago, I was brought by ambulance to your facility. I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent care I received while a patient. While visiting the area, I had a bad fall on the ice, breaking my pelvis. "Every person and every department I had contact with treated me in a concerned, competent and caring manner. I would especially like to commend ER staff, second floor staff and rehab. I am trying not to leave anyone out, but will also mention the great staff and interaction with lab, X-ray, dietary, case management and housekeeping. "Most areas have unfortunately lost that small town, familly-style hospital, but your area is fortunate to still have that at CVMC, you are very lucky indeed. Thank you so much,
Patricia S.

The entire hospital staff has been so kind & wonderful to me. I am so grateful.
Judith L. 



If you're going to break your arm, break it in Gardnerville. They were so courteous, professional and experienced, it was really great peace of mind.
Brett J.

Excellent service and staff. Had a scare with my pregnancy and all the staff and doctors were excellent. They even called to discuss my care with my OB at home in Los Angeles. Glad we went there.
Rebekah R.

My five-year-old and his 16-year-old brother were playing 'chicken crossing the road' with a giant yoga ball. It was all fun and games until the chicken didn't make it and the five-year-old was knocked onto the ground - injuring his arm. Concerned it was broken, we brought him to the emergency room. We were taken in right away and didn't have to wait for treatment. 
The staff was friendly, professional and responsive. Thanks so much! Oh, and by the way, the arm was not broken. All is well and my boy is going to be just fine.

Chief G. 

Thank you so much for the excellent care of my husband ... He had a migraine and you and your staff took great care of him & helped him so quickly. Thank you for listening to me. (He) is much improved and we have an appointment scheduled with his primary. Our little community is lucky to have you and CVMC. Thank you,
Wendy J.



Lab/Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

I just had a wonderful experience at Carson Valley Medical Center and wanted to share with everybody out there. I had a CT scan and a blood test and I wanted to say it was a pleasant experience. They treat you like a human being … Just wanted to share my experience laughing, getting along with everybody and getting comfortable. 
Mark H.

Physical Therapy

I would just like to thank CVMC in general and in particular Chad L. (physical therapy) for his dedicated work on bringing my extremely damaged knee back to life over four months of physical therapy. I found Chad to be extremely knowledgeable in his  specialty with just enough "toughness" during our sessions so as not to coddle my particular rehab. He should be recognized for his outstanding work.
Mark H.

The employees, therapists, and aides were excellent and professional. Our insurance claims were submitted accurately and promptly. We were on a payment plan with CVMC with no interest until our insurance deductible and co-pays were done. Great place for medical care.
Lynn S.

Wound Care

Jolene and Mandy in Wound Care are just great. They are a lot of fun, but also professional. They're amazing taking your mind off what's going on with your wound. Cleaning and packing my wound is a really unpleasant experience. Not painful, just ick. But they keep your mind off of it by engaging you in some interesting and fun conversation. 
Taylor J. 


Minden Family Medicine

I recently visited the office and I'm very pleased with the care that I received. Though I know this office and each provider can be incredibly busy, I didn't have much of a wait as PA Carrie Emory was able to fit me in for a quick stitch-up. She was very knowledgeable, attentive, thorough, courteous and professional. Her MA Destiny was exceptionally kind, professional and made valuable efforts to make sure I was comfortable during my visit, even offering a cup of water while a short wait (which is definitely a first and doesn't happen while visiting any doctor's office in California). When wrapping up and finalizing billing paperwork, Chris was very polite, prompt and organized, which made the process very simple ... I want to tank Destiny, Carrie and Chris for a very positive experience.
Haley J.



Patient Financial Counseling

I wanted to thank you so much for your work and caring. Your efforts to help the people in our community are commendable. Thank you, sincerely,
Jayne P.

Thank you so very much for your loving kindness. It doesn't come along every day ... I will never forget you & what a special person you are. Love,
Vickie M.

"...You and everyone I came in contact with at CVMC truly represent the best in health care in Northern Nevada."
Toni C.

You and everyone I came in contact with at CVMC Hospital truly represent the best in health care in northern Nevada.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Toni Crabtree



A heartfelt "Thank You" to you all who gave me back the use of my hand. God bless you all for your expert knowledge in knowing exactly how to make that possible. And thank you for the "speedy recovery" card from your staff. From a very happy patient,
Janet S.

Discussed issues clearly with me. Planned a procedure and attacked the problem. After a few days, I received a follow-up call to check on my condition. What could be better?
Ross S.



I'm very grateful to have this Urgent Care close to where I live. The staff have been wonderful every time. I was seen by one of their providers last night and tonight I called them to talk to a provider because I had some questions and concerns. The physician came to the phone and answered my questions. She was great.
Terry K.

Great experience! Seen within 15 minutes of arriving. The front desk was efficient and helpful. Doctor was thorough and informative. Also, the entire facility was immaculate, which is important to us!
Lois W.  

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