CVMC Memorial Tree

Leave a lasting legacy for your loved one on the CVMC Memorial Tree, located in the main hallway near the entryway of CVMC hospital. Each $100.00 donation receives a glass-etched leaf in your loved-one's name, to give life to the CVMC Memorial tree located in the hospital lobby. Proceeds of the donation go to the CVMC Hospital Foundation to continue to improve life-saving healthcare services for the residents and visitors of the Carson Valley.

Read about the lives of others who have been memorialized for their contributions to their family, and their community:

Claire H. Bauer
William Haymart
Daniel MacNeill
John & Ruth MacNeill

Names memorialized on our tree include:

Frank and Marie Alfiero
Bert Anderson
Marion Barcus
Claire Bauer
Phyliss Bise
Dorraine Blaising
Paul and Ruth Boore
Ron Bushey
Lesley Anne Bustarde
Irene Buyten
Elizabeth Carlini
Helen Louise "Sieliet" Chambers
Theresa Clark
Jack Cosbey
Elaine Curcow
Scott Doherty
Violet Louise Evans
Charles "Bill" Haymart
Heart Disease and Cancer Victims
Caroline Jennemann
John Knight
Kathy Kopitch
Carmen Lilleboe
Daniel MacNeill
John MacNeill
Ruth MacNeill
Nancy Mattinson
Patricia Munoz
Helen Chickie Oxoby
James Donald Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Perry
Jan Perry
Clark N. Postal
Shirley Pulvers
Warren Ramos
Marcella Ratto
Karen Renteria
William "Bill" Salvador
Jim Sesser
Christy Smith
Jeanne Spence
Priscilla Sage Stalder
Aaron Stewart
Doris Svensrud
Kevin and Jocelyn "Jo" Sword
Kathy Taylor
Martha Thompson
Mark Tracy
Bob and Roberta VanAntwerp
Hurtha Williams
Al and Grace Whear
Lita Venzon
Vivian Von Dracek
James S. Zunno

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