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Nutritional Counseling Services

See a list of upcoming nutrition classes offered by Carson Valley Medical Center at this link.

If you are battling with a chronic health condition or have concerns about your health, Carson Valley Medical Center offers outpatient nutritional counseling for one-on-one dietary guidance from a Registered Dietitian. Don't wait to start your path to better health, schedule a consultation today by calling 775.782.1667. 

Outpatient nutritional counseling can be of benefit to those concerned with:

  • Prevention & Management of Heart Disease
  • Cholesterol Management
  • Prevention & Management of Diabetes, and Reversal of Diabetes Type II
  • Weight Issues/Behavior Modification
  • Malnutrition
  • Kidney Disease
  • GI Disorders
  • Allergies & Food Sensitivities/Gluten-Free Diet
  • Basic Healthful Meal Planning
  • Guidance for Dining Out.
Assessment and dietary plans will be customized to bridge the gap between your health concerns, health habits, and long-term goals. 

Physician referrals for nutritional counseling are required for insurance billing.  Referrals may be faxed to 775.783.4822.

Meet Renie Tharp, R.D. (License # 32383D1-0)

Renie completed her training/ADA internship at New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center. Prior to joining Carson Valley Medical Center's Nutrition and Dietary Department, she specialized in lipid management, heart disease prevention and management, and Type II Diabetes management and reversal at the VA Medical Center in Reno, NV. Renie has also worked at Stanford Children's Hospital as well as Duke University Medical Center.