Medical Services

Respiratory Care

P: (775) 782-1626
F: (775) 782-1520

Respiratory services are provided to both inpatients and outpatients by specially-trained Respiratory Therapists at Carson Valley Medical Center. Outpatient respiratory services are scheduled with a referral from your physician. Respiratory Therapists are available 24-hours a day for Emergency Room and hospital patients.

Some of the respiratory services offered at CVMC are:

  • Complete Pulmonary Function testing (PFT)
  • Pre-Operative PFT/Teaching Package (includes PFT, incentive spirometer, and cough instruction)
  • Exercise Oximetry
  • Asthma/COPD teaching (for newly diagnosed patients)
  • Aerosolized Medication Therapy with instruction in self-administration
For more information about respiratory care, or to inquire about the next smoking cessation course, call (775) 782-1626.