Medical Services

Surgical Services

The Carson Valley Medical Center Department of Surgical Services is staffed by qualified, licensed personnel. Each operating room is assigned a Registered Nurse and a Surgical Technician to assist qualified surgical practitioners. ACSL-Certified Registered Nurses also staff the pre-operative and post anesthesia care units.

Both elective and emergency surgeries are performed at Carson Valley Medical Center.

The following is important information you should have to help you prepare for your surgery at CVMC:

Before Your Surgery:

  • Laboratory and Medical Imaging services are located in the Carson Valley Medical Center to conveniently accommodate your physician's request for any special laboratory or x-ray procedures prior to your surgery.

  • If you develop an infection or illness, immediately contact your doctor.

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before surgery. (This includes candy, milk, coffee, Jell-O, etc.) If you eat or drink anything, your surgery may have to be cancelled. Please ask your doctor about taking routine medications. If you are having the surgery in the afternoon, check with your doctor, as more specific instructions on when to stop eating or drinking may apply.

  • You will not be permitted to drive after your procedure. Please make arrangements for a responsible person to drive you home after your surgery.

  • Take a bath or shower prior to surgery.

  • Remove all make-up, false eyelashes and nail polish. 

  • Contact lenses of any kind are not to be worn during surgery.

  • Wear loose fitting, casual clothing.

  • Leave all valuables at home.

  • Children may bring a favorite toy or blanket.

  • Pediatric pre-op tours are available and may be arranged by calling (775) 782-1595

After Your Surgery:

  • You will remain in the recovery room until you are fully awake and can walk without assistance. Your blood pressure, pulse and breathing will be checked frequently. You will be allowed to sit up and visit with family or friends until you are prepared to leave. In the event it is necessary for you to stay overnight, your physician will make the necessary arrangements.

  • When you are discharged, specific instructions will be sent home with you. It is important to follow these instructions. A Surgery Department nurse will call you to check your progress the day following your surgery.

  • Have someone stay with your for the first night after surgery.

  • You must follow your doctor's post-discharge or home care instructions concerning your recovery.

  • Do not drive or operate machinery.

  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages or smoke tobacco.

If you have any questions about your surgery, call your physician or the Surgery Department at (775) 782-1595.